My kids all grown up now, I want to see the world, and do many things. It’s funny to me, when you are not going anywhere, people seem to love on you more. Soon as you start making a change in your life, all hell break loose. I mean, everyone, and some more, you have never seem before comes out of the wood work. Attacking the very thing that you been praying for, most of your life.
Friends, Family, all say they will stick by you, it’s only a hand full, that really help you along your journey. I have put my trust in The Lord, to do the unthinkable, and blow the peoples mind, the ones that say, it will not work.
The world is so beautiful. O My, look at the train! I want to be on this train, where ever it’s going!
I refuse, not enjoy the nature and beauty of God. In this life, if you want it, you have to fight for it. Pressing and pushing, and praying for your breakthrough to come.
God has never fail me, I’m crazy enough to believe, God will do what he said, He will do.
This picture makes me want to even work harder, for all the great things in life, God has for me. Don’t let anything stop you from your dreams, dreams come true, you just have go after them. This train is on the move. You must be like it, going places you never thought you would end up.
God will do anything for you, but you must believe you can do it to.

FAITH= putting your faith into ACTION!
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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