I have a habit letting people back in my life that don’t mean me any good. Family and so call friends. People that want to control me have a major problem with me, for some reason.  I can’t figure it, O,yes I can, but I’ll keep that to myself. I have experience, when you’ll down and out just and average person, people seem to get alone with you fine. I myself have struggles, one of them is my beauty, and the anointing that’s on my life. I’m hated without a cause. Now, I do have a few people that love me genuinely, and when I say few, I can count them on my finger. Lol 123 and there not my friends, there my spiritual parents. Life has taken me to the unknown, and God has elevated me, where it completely blows my mine. Yes I have times where fear creeps in. I sometimes, or let’s say most of the time, I really can’t understand what’s going on. God chose me, And the work I do for him I’m I hated, and all my days are spent alone. Seriously I’m have not one friend. You know, that one you can meet for lunch, have a couple glasses of wine with, and lol about the silly things we did when we were growing up.

I’ve learn to love myself, and be my on best friend. Living a life and being alone, made my relationship closer to God. It’s a fulfilling and loving relationship I will always never regret.

God bless

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