I always plan my trip before going back to Africa, and I notice it’s never what I thought it would be. Why I say that, because many times things happen getting in the way of our plans. The key is to push through all the interruptions which isn’t easy. I’m a cry baby when things don’t go as I plan, I see myself losing control. I thank God he put a few close friends in my life to help me humble myself. I’m going to tell the truth, I blew the lid many times, I was evening cursing and yelling in the apartment alone. Yes I’m human, and I’m telling you, I’m a monster when I get angry. It’s takes time to build a vision, and lots of prayer. My life consist, of missionary work and prayer. It takes up all my time. Many times I want to give up, but I don’t. I prayed many years, asking God to reveal my purpose in life. I’m truly a server, Its all God. It’s not mines, All of it belongs to God. I dare not say look what I have done. NEVER !!!!! The Good news is, I get fulfillment, when I’m helping others. I’m still waiting on God to answer my prayers while working the vision. Waiting, waiting waiting. Yep waiting 🙏🏼


We often ask God to do many things for us, not knowing what it will take to make our dreams come true. We ask ourselves is it worth the pain. In order to do what God want us do, we have to totally give up ourselves, our friends and families to get the job done. Everyone can’t go where God is going to take you. I’m not my own, I belong to God, and he’s in control of my life, it’s God who plans what my day will be, and it is I that have to except what God choose, and trust that he will bring it all together. My journey to Kenya doing missionary work has been the test of times, and many times when I think I’m perfectly alright, that’s when I’m broken the most. Peace starts within you, many times I can be my own enemy, with my thoughts and the things I say. I’m going to be honest, my thoughts and my tongue have almost destroyed this mission many times. It was only prayer and mediation that guided me. Yes, we all have a spirit of destruction if we don’t stay close to God. This guy is digging the hole for the bathroom on the site. Every time I look at this photo I tears come to my eyes, this hole has to be 14 inches deep, 5 days to finish. I SAY TO GOD, WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO SELFISH AND CRY ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I STILL DONT HAVE WHAT I WANT. Or let’s just say, I can’t have my way, and I don’t except change very well. I scream and kick like a baby, when God says No. Life is never really going to give us exactly what we want. O yes, it will if you are only thinking of yourself. In missionary work you have to give up your life. The man in the photo, I’m sure he’s not complaining about his work down in the hole. He’s happy to have work, so he can eat and feed his family. Me Me Me, I should ashamed of myself, I AM.


Freedom from your on mind

I have studied this lady in the photo for a long time. And while writing I will go back and peak at the photo again. I’m not a day dreamer, I did that when I was very young girl, you know teenage fantasies stuff that never came true. I’ve been a little down these days, it’s nothing I cause on myself. Life is like that, things will happen that we didn’t cause on ourselves. I’m finding out as I grow in Christ, that we can’t keep getting upset over life situations that is not in our control. Nothing is ever in our control. Fulfillment can only come, when how hearts are doing things we love to do. When I see the lady leaping with joy in the photo, I say to myself (WOW ) only if I can be free like this. I want to feel good always, but there will always be bump along the way. Everyday life does not give us the guarantee that things will always work in our favor. This is where prayer comes in. The only thing that can keep us from falling, is prayer. I pray for joy, and in the storms of my life, I what to always leap for joy.
Dear Jesus teach me to except what I can’t change, show me how to rejoice in the changing. I write about my life experiences, because it helps me to grow, and let’s me know in everything, I have to trust God in prayer. I Want my life to pleasing and wonderful in the sight of God🙏🏼😀


I sit here thinking about my presence life, not really whining or pouting about my past’( lies ). Occasionally I do fine myself wondering off into world that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve always been a thinker, and I’ve read somewhere it’s not good to over think.🤔 When I look back over my life, it’s not my past that’s make me unhappy, it’s my future I’m trying to make sense of. With lots of experiences, and having a Beautiful relationship with God, I do know for sure I was born with purpose, and it’s to love and help many of God’s people. It takes a genuine and loving person, to reach out to people whom you have never met, to express heart felt love. This kind of love can only rain from heaven. We are not here on earth to be self keepers. Many times when God blesses us, we quickly forget that he did it. We sang that glorious tune, it’s mines, it’s mines, it’s all mines. It’s my money, it’s my house, it’s my car, it’s my land. We have To be very careful, God is not please when we do not put him first!!!!! I know what you’re saying, well it’s natural, and human for us to act this way. People that truly have a relationship with the Lord always recognized Him first.They shout with joy! Hallelujah God did it!!!!! hallelujah God did it. Everything I have belongs to God. All your gifts that the Lord gives to you, are meant to share with others. So the mortal of my short story is, I don’t belong to myself. I give myself away, so I can please God. It took many years to find my gifts, and I use all of them to build up God’s Kingdom. I’m a kingdom builder, and the lord uses me for his Kingdom. And while I’m Building his Kingdom, he’s making sure, things will be right for me. I believe in the near future, my life will be extremely beautiful, and there will be many joyous times on my journeys if I stay focus. Byeeeeeeee😘✌🏼

Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

My work has never been easy, but it’s been enjoyable. God want us to enjoy what we do for him. Many times the work we do can become stressful, only because we want it so bad. I found out the hard way, God does what he wants to do, in his on timing. So you might as well sit back and relax, and enjoy the journey. I 😂 because it’s never that way for me. When God speaks to me, I’m always ready and willing to do as he says. God speaks to us through his word. God gave me ministry, and the journey has been mind blowing. If you need any encouraging on your journey, speak life within. My work speaks for me. Stay safe😷 Pray and wait patiently for your dreams to come to life.🙏🏼🥰❤️

Lord Give Me Confidence

Lord help me to know where you are leading me, and let me have the confidence to go where you send me. I’m not afraid, I’m drain from my surroundings, and I can’t seem to find peace no matter our hard I try, and it doesn’t matter how kind I am. ( There’s no peace ). God promises are not just empty words that are given to convince us to fellow him. The lord knows we cannot do anything in our own strength, so he gives us his confidence. I have so much love for the Lord, and it’s not my doubting that disturbs me. Its decisions I need to make in my life that is healthy and nourishing for me. We live to satisfy people to much, when they’re not giving two cents about how we feel. I never question people walk with Christ, it’s their actions that tell me, How can you have the love of Christ, when you repeatedly do the things you do to hurt others. I know my attacks come from the enemy, because I’m doing something good, and I’m sure God is please with me. How can I escape this nightmare I live in, it’s a dark dungeon and I’m trying not hurt myself while screaming to get out. My soul cries out, dear Lord hear my prayers, and deliver me, from being tormented. I will always love God, soon and very soon there will be no more chains holding me. Never give up, and never never Mistreat others. Your end will be your beginning. 🙏🏼Stay safe 😷


Since COVID 19, now recovering from Breast Cancer, I’ve endure a lot. I have not travel to Kenya 🇰🇪, June 30th will be one year. I’ve had a lot of time to decide if I ever wanted to continue my work. I almost gave up many times my struggles were unbearable, and it hurt my heart when times got really tough. Every time I felt like throwing in the towel, God step in and work miracles. There were moments I lost my desire for the ministry, I was numb. I would pray asking God to please show any sign, if he wanted me to go back to Africa. One day while laying on my sick bed, all of sudden I felt my soul leaping with joy, I noticed I began to feel alive again. When there’s a desire to do something, and it’s really in your heart it can’t be move. I know for sure now, the mission work will never leave me. It’s very important to stay connected to your destiny and dreams. We were born with purpose, and I definitely get fulfillment and pleasure doing mission work. I love blessing people, and I love helping in any way that I can, if it’s possible. I know this fulfillment has to come from God, because he create me. We live in a world where people want control, and they can care less about helping others in need. I truly believe giving is a gift from God, everyone does not have the gift of giving. No one in the world is create to satisfy all our needs, because they’re in need of something themselves. Fulfillment can only come through Jesus Christ, and the only way you will find your purpose, is to have a relationship with Him. My prayer is That I will always serve Jesus with pleasure. This joy that I have only comes from God. Peace is serving, hope is never giving up, fulfillment is enjoying the journeys. ❤️🙏🏼🇰🇪

How do you know when you have found your purpose? You will never have to depend on anything to give you joy. Joy and fulfillment can only come from Jesus. We are human, and we make mistakes, God does not make mistakes, Purpose always brings pleasure, not man or woman can give you the desires of your heart. Flesh has needs, purpose has life.



It’s very important to know who you are in life, and be honest and truthful in every part of your life. It is integrity that enhances every part of your life. You have to live up to the values that are important to you. When you say you are going to do something. The only way to establish something you want, you must deliver your promises. Stay focus, surround yourself with honest people, and take responsibilities. Having integrity is a positive character trait. Any time you are doing anything that, involves being a leader, you must be trusted. When you act with integrity, you can rest easier with yourself, and not live in regretting sacrificing and important part of yourself for anything. I love communication, it’s very healthy to react with emotional intelligence. With God beside me, I’m still learning many things on how to work the mission over in Africa. Thanking God for giving me the best crew ever. I’ve had some bad times in ministry, but I kept my promises to myself and I have been working hard ever since. To God I give all the Glory!!!!!!


When I wake up in the mornings, as usual I feel pain in my joints. It’s been hard for me to start exercising again, because I didn’t expect the radiation to get me down like the chemo treatment did, not as worst, but it left me tired all the time. Yes, I’m a breast cancer survivor. I never complained one time. I think I cried twice in the beginning. I miss my natural hair, and wearing my weave at times. Also I’m trying to get use to my new look (breast reduction). Has you can see my hair is beginning to grow back. God has been with me through it all. The enemy even tried to put thoughts in my head, that God did this to me. God is a healer, and I know he heal me. For all of you going through the big C, you can make it, if you think positive and have the right attitude.😃It’s hard, but if you want to live, you have to pray motivate yourself, and surround yourself with positive people, and lol much as possible, when you’re not in pain.😂 . Doing cancer treatments they always gave us a paper to fill out, asking personal questions about how you feel. Things like, are you sad, are thinking suicidal thoughts, etc…. a list of many Questions. I call it the sad list, the doubtful list, the killer list. I said NO to every question for five months, I had to encourage myself. I though about stuff that made me lol 30 years ago. What I’m trying to say is, love YOU!!!!!!please love yourself, or it’s going to be hard for you to survive. I pray now in the name of Jesus that you are heal from the big C. I will say this, you will never be the same, but you will be better. Live your life to the fullness when you are heal, be joyful. We never know what tomorrow will bring. This photo of myself, I decided to make myself look beautiful, and and feel beautiful. Love and appreciate you. No matter what you see when you look in the mirror. Thank God you are ALIVE!!!!! I’m still getting use to my new ( tits )😂😂😂😂😂😂 well I said it. Byeeee😘🥰❤️🙏🏼

See u, not them

People want us to live up to there expectations, and they really believe you shouldn’t have anything in your life except what they give you. Control is and evil spirit that preys on the weak, or let’s just say they think you are weak. This year I have seen so much, and have lost so many friends, and family. And to be honest with all the stuff that’s going on, it can be down right fearful. God is not fear, so we must remind ourselves that no matter what happens, God is with us. I know everyone is not on the same spiritual level, and there are many that need guidance. I never though for one minute I wouldn’t be heal from breast cancer, I just never gave a thought to anything except praying, and asking God to get me back to my work in Kenya. In all you go through, you have to have faith in something, because it is hope and faith, that will get you through. If sickness comes on you, don’t be bitter, grace it with love, be joyful in your thoughts even in your pain. No one words will completely make you feel better, it’s your thoughts about yourself that will make you feel better. In hardship the very ones we expect to be there at all times, is the very ones, that can’t smooth out the rough edges the way we want them to. Genuine love is hard to find, why I say this, people are so into themselves and what they want, never giving there whole self. I give my whole self to everyone, that God put in my path. But it doesn’t mean you will get it back. Never make this mistake, ruining your life for anyone that’s not willing to drink from the same cup with you. All I’m trying to say is, look after yourself, and don’t focus on so much on what has been done to you. Move toward your destiny, and why you are moving forward, pray for the ones you had to leave behind, thanking God he gave you the power and strength to do it. You can’t stay in a bubble the rest of your life. SEE U🙏🏼

Beauty is on the inside of you

A beautiful life is not just looking good on the outside, but feeling good about yourself on the inside. We all know as women, It’s a task always to feel good about ourselves, when we are face with so many responsibilities through out the day. The worst is when we’re simply not appreciated by the people we love. No one should have to take any kind of abuse, and when you recognize you are begin abused, you should take a stand and get out soon as possible. We have a serious problem waiting, and waiting hoping the situation will get better. Beauty starts in you, making sure you treat yourself right. Our problem is we look for people to treat us right, but I want to tell you this will never happen. Why? It’s about control, and when you let someone control you, you lose who you are, and who you can become. Struggling to love yourself, is a challenge 24/7, you have to set aside time for yourself. Don’t let anyone take your life from you, when they’re doing exactly what they want. Be consistent about your goals in life no matter how the other person feels. Game players never change their game, they just apply pressure to see if you will quick. Fulfillment is everlasting, because you are doing the things you love to do. I’m 61, and I’m struggling to do what gives me fulfillment, because the enemy, thinks I was born to serve him. It’s so important to be connected to people that want to share your dream. Never let anyone steal your beauty, bloom with excellence, knowing you can push with prayer. Prayer gives you power, and power as strength to do all the beautiful things your heart desires. God wants you to live in JOY!!!!!!!

Recovery of my mine

I notice that my recovery from cancer was a lot easier than my mind recovery. I have found out even in sickness people don’t know how to love you, and genuinely act like they care. Let me explain, so you can understand me better. I appreciate everyone that has been praying for me. Its good to have many friends, and love ones to pray for us. If I was you, I wouldn’t Crack my brain about who is genuine or not. God can use anyone, and turn it around for your good. I often sit in my home thinking all about the craziness that’s going on in the world. We, I, you, need to spiritually stick together like glue, because at the end of the day patty words, and minerals things don’t matter. I’m asking God to do recovery on my mind. I’m not trying not to carry dead weight, after all I’ve been through. It’s a shame, in these times you would think people will have a change of heart, But they don’t. Selfishness is something I have always analyze, because it truly makes people evil. Prayer is the key to freedom and peace, peace that only the Lord can give us. Stop looking for people to rub your wounds until they’re heal. Exactly I’ve experience salt is added to mines. All the enemy wants, is to see you upset thinking they have won the battle. Just remember the battle is not yours, it’s the lords. So this short story my be a little confusing about what I have wrote today, but remember my mine is in recovery, I’ve decided I will start writing again. Has I write more, my writing will get better and and my mind will be heal. 🙏🏼 Releasing how you feel is a new start for healing in your soul. Byeeeee😘


I had being praying that God have his way in this ministry always, and forever. Well I must admit, that I didn’t like the way many things went, but I must say, it all came out better than I expected. When God is in control you can expect the best to happen in your life. Seasons come, and they go. I know for a fact I probably have miss one or to good season, only because I didn’t wait on God. The mission is now seven years March 12, 2019. And we all know in the Bible Nbr. seven means completion in the Bible. Wow, wow wow, I give God all the Glory for helping me to stand. I never gave up, when I got kick, and I got kick hard, where it took the breath out of me, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to ever stand up straight again. The best advice I can give anyone, is stand fern on your dreams, don’t listen to people, listen to God. Your destiny is right in front you, just don’t give up.





NOV. 13, 2018


Rejection is good, never get upset, when rejection knocks on your door. The Lord is protecting you. We get so caught up, on how people mistreat us. When this happens, we lose focus, and it leads us down a dark path. All my rejections came from people I love so much. Everything that happen in my life,  I realize now, God did it so he will get all the GLORY! Count it all blessings, when these trials and tribulations come in your life. Life is like a roller coaster, when we’re going up, we’re screaming and shouting with excitement. But when we start to gone down, fear and disbelief presses down on us, making us think we’re not going to make it. I hope you are a bit relieved, that  REJECTION DOES NOT MEAN ITS OVER!!!!!!





IMG_2468.jpgI’ve been home alittle over two weeks now, feeling new, feeling revived. Thanking God for ever moment of the day. I’ve been through a lot, and it seem as thought all I been through was nothing at all. That’s how God works, He makes everything alright, so He can get the glory.  I choose life,  my struggles was Only for God to get the glory!, I’m free, and whom ever God sets free is free indeed. Im not a people pleaser that doesn’t fit well with me. The Lord have shown me over and over again, He is in control. Living to please God isn’t easy, trying control my emotions, my angry, and trying not to hurt others, we all know this is a task everyday we wake up in the morning. I’m telling you it’s not worth it, what’s not worth it? letting people run you in the ground. At the end the day, you’ll miserable from holding to they’re problems, that you either create for yourself, that wasn’t even meant for you to get involved in. Leave people and there problems alone, let them deal with they’re on mess,. Situations don’t go away, you have to overcome them. Prayer is the key to strengthen you, keep you focus on the things that are important in your life. Pray and ask God to deliver you from the cares of this world. People don’t care about what you need, or what you want. They will go to the ends of the world to destroy you. Be faithful to God, because He loves us all! GOD IS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE. The same person that broke you, God will build you up in front of them. God sets things in order.






This year started off with BANG!

Everything went smoothly, no complaints. The mission work was a complete success. I didn’t let anything or anyone hinder me. when I made up my mind, to do something, I stuck with it. I have many struggles in Kenya when it comes to asking for help, or making things happen. This year God gave me a wonderful young lady to work with. We work well together, I thank the God all the time for the support,   Edwinder gave me. Our plans are not like the lord plans. When He does something, He does it right. He opens doors, no man can close. Well, there’s nothing to write about much, this journey to Kenya was led by God. I didn’t try to make things happen, I was stress free. Nothing in this world can stop God. What the enemy meant for bad, The Lord turn around for my good. Enough said. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Prayer changes things, it moves the old out, and moves in the new. I’m rejoicing, because I know the lord did it all. I Stayed focus, on the word of God, despite how I felt at times, being alone even sometimes confused, I said devil get out of my head. I reflex on my past….  not this time devil! I put my trust in the lord , my faith into action, and I BELIEVE. Until my next journey, GOD BLESS KENYA 🇰🇪

Bye for now😀👏👏👏👏👏👏 I give God all the Glory!




C8430707-200B-48C2-9171-256A895B7C95We sit and dream of many things, and wonder what today will be like, or if tomorrow will just be dreams, and thoughts about yesterday.  Life is like breathing in the toxic waste, everyone is polluting, by the things they do, and the horrible words they speak. Sitting, and waiting to suck the life out of every living organ that works in your body ( LIFE ). Underneath my mosquito net thinking, what is it, that make people, change into that horrible green monster, that was once  a tender butterfly ( LIFE ). One minute up, the next second you’ll at a crossroad saying, did that just happen. People will flip the switch on you! You’ll thinking what the h.. Then you ask yourself,  why I didn’t see it coming ( LIFE ) we must cont. to love life, and never let people interfere with progress.  At the end of the day,  it’s all about what they want. People don’t care about how they treat you,  pretending to care and plotting at the same time. They will go to the ends of the world and back to get what they want out of you. Think about your life, and look deep within yourself, and ask this question, do you love LIFE ? I do. Peace, love and forgiveness can only come through Jesus Christ. A good life is a peaceful ( LIFE ).



IMG_2142.jpgI’ve been in a lot of pit falls, many I thought would surely destroy my destiny. We were born with a purpose, No one can live your purpose, only you can. If not careful, you can destroy your own destiny. I believe when opportunity comes our way, And God reveals things to us, we must take extreme measures to do what it takes to make things happen at the right time. Things happen seasonal, I believe I’ve miss some seasons, my emotions took the best of me. Maybe I’ve lost one or two lol. Pit falls can work either way. If you’ll in a pit, and waiting for someone to pull you out forget it! Pits falls are made to teach us a lesson. Pits falls can make you strong or make you weaker. My weakest point, which are many.  I’ve noticed everytime I survived a pit situation, people I thought would be with me, got left behind. It’s takes a strong will to survive pit falls, it’s horrible thing to lay there with dirt on your face, waiting for someone to cleaning off. I thank God for my pits situations they made me stronger, and they made me wiser, and most of all, they taught me to only trust in Him.

Get rid of toxic waste. Don’t let people still your peace.



B8725C5D-217D-40E0-BDD1-D8040F9A52A1I’ve been in Kenya 14 days tomorrow. This is my season to let go and let God. Truly I know I’ve let go, because I’m at peace. Let’s talk about me for a moment. The ministry will Be six young years in March. I work very hard at trying please God, But some where Along the way I got lost. Trying to make things happen, that wasn’t in God’s plan. Yesterday is gone, but my pain didn’t escape me. Years of letting myself down, TRYING TO PLEASE OTHERS.  I was only digging holes for myself. I assume, I had fail. BUT GOD! Patience causes a lot of pain, when God is telling us to wait, we must be patient. God puts a hold on things, because he’s trying to protect us.  it’s all for a good reason, God makes know mistakes. A hard head, makes a soft…..you know what I mean. I’m at peace, finally, I really turn it over, and gave it to the lord in prayer. Ministry/missions is not easy. I have never felt the peace of God in my life, like I do now, since the ministry began. In 2012. I give God all the glory. Letting go is peace. Of course it’s not easy to do, but if you keep praying, and praying, the lord surely will set you free.

Don’t give up, just toughen up.






IMG_0729 I been home from kenya for some weeks now, and it has been very hurtful for me. Things didn’t go the way I wanted them to. So I started Pointing my finger, and blaming others.  We make plans, and we want everything to go with the plan, but our plans aren’t the same as God’s plan. Many people always say, I love the lord, but they never wait on Him. We fail when we don’t wait on the lord. Life is hard in Kenya, I’ve made many friends, but I only trust one. It’s something about trust. We all lie, and don’t say you don’t. Because we do lie, for what ever reason it maybe. I know for a fact, or let’s say I do know now. When our friends disappoint us, we must be willing to forgive, and not talk about it everyday. I’m not saying, We have to let people back in our lives that hurt us. If a relationship is worth working on and you see a future that can change your life, and theres too, I suggest that you try to work things out with that person, or people. Good folk, are hard to come by these days. Forgiving means. LETTING GO!!!! Letting go means freedom.

God is teaching me,  he’s has control of my life, and not the PEOPLE WHO HURT ME. I want to be better, and I want to forgive easy, I recommend you do the same, you’ll only KILLING YOURSELF.








My journey back to kenya indeed was a challenge. You would think by now I would have gotten use to flying, I really don’t like to fly. There many times, I’ve felt has though I wasn’t getting ahead in my work. When there’s a desire in your heart, you can’t ever do enough. Because you love what you do. I’ve been praying a lot, and asking the lord to give me patience. I ask myself have I ever gotten mad at God? I once heard a pastor say, one time or another we all have gotten mad at God. Mmmmm, I often think of this statement. Nooooo, I’ve never gotten mad at God, but I have disappointed him many times. O, and do cry out to him, that’s ok, because I will admit, I’m a very weak. and emotional person. Not in a bad way, just trying to put my life in place with ministry.

We think life isn’t fair, but life is wonderful, if you surrounded yourself, around good people. People that will lift you up, real friends speak life, and they encourage you along the way. Be good to yourself. We want what we want, but we must try to gain it honestly. We’re human, and we do fall short, trying to make things happen. 




Lately I haven’t been feeling like going to church, before I start to write what’s on my mind, let me make it clear I’m far from being perfect. Church has reminded me of the streets now. Hater, whores, prostitution in the church, scams, games, Cunning, fighting, lying cheating, men, women dating each other wife’s and husband. Everybody sexing each other. I grew up in the street, now my past hunts me. The place where I thought I would be set free, my past, lord my past is in the churches now. What lord, what lord, I’m trap in a building that hunts me night and day. What now lord? 

I’M NOT…… 





I’ve been kenya for one month, and some days now. I’m not boasting, or anything. I’m simple saying the lord has been so faithful. It’s funny how things work out. While leaving the USA I was really stress, trying to take care of business, donations, and also planned to make transition when I arrived in Kenya. There’s no way, the God I serve will let me be defeated. I have been working this missionary work alone, come March will be five years. Well it’s like this. Sooooooo many people want to see me fail. There’s no such thing as failing. We do make mistakes, that can be corrected. Some mistakes take longer to correct that others. DON’T GO BY WHAT IT LOOK LIKE. God is able, to turn any situation around. SO many times we break and give in when we don’t understand what’s going on. The first day I sat my feet on the mother land I have never understood what God is doing. All I’ve done, God has be my guide. 


Sick for onemonth doctors on strike all over kenya. Having to google in my my conditions to see what medicines I could take to feel better.  Four treatments of antibiotics I still didn’t heal. I began to cry out to the lord to help me. Sick, but still serving and taking care of families. Wanting to fly back to the USA because FEAR had started to say in because my condition wasn’t getting any better. It wasn’t getting worst, but surely it was getting better, the lord was keeping me. I prayed prayed for the Lord to heal my body. It’s known fact the enemy attacks my body every time I come to kenya,  to do Gods will. BUT GOD! These last few days I have been feeling so much better. Bacteria infection gone. It is God that heals my body.


I truly know who my genuine friends are since I’ve been on this journey. I love them so much. They have been here for the missions. One phone call, and they tell me I’m going help you. I love them so much.  There weren’t many donations. But God always put someone in my path to make up for all the ones said no, or lied,  people loving to see me disappointed. God is so faithful. He has never ever let me down😪. 





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