Drowning, I can’t share it with anyone.
Drowning, no one hears me.
Drowning, no one sees me.
Drowning, they can’t hear my scream.
Drowning, to be free of my own demons.
Drowning, no one can help me.
Drowning , going deeper under, it’s dark,
I look for the light,
The only name I know, is Jesus, he can hear me,
He will set me FREE!
Drowning in my sorrow, it’s ok to go under just
Remember when you come up for AIR, Don’t go under
Again, from the same thing, that drown you before.

God is a Great Healer!
Always remember to call on
him for help! He will rescues
You., While you are going under.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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