When you are trying to meet goals in your life. I come to find out you can’t do what people say. GO WITH GOD, He will never lead you wrong.
I don’t care how much you try to convince the other person, about what you are doing, they are going to find something wrong with what you are doing, rather it be for you or for God. You just will not get a ok, or thats great, you are doing a good job.
What is it about people, not wanting you to have anything that looks like it’s going to shine. I mean, come on. You might get a hand full of people that say, you’ll doing a great job keep up the good work.
O nooooo, people just have this thing, about making you feel bad, because of there failures in life. I’m not going to dwell to long about the jealousy in a mans heart, I will just stick with what, the lord says.
These eight months as been an struggle, in the spirit ram, trying to get to Kenya. No one wants you to do the right thing. Don’t listen to anyone, listen only to the voice of God. Every devil in hell, is going to try and stop the work of God. I’m going to stand on God’s Word, not man. Don’t move, just pray, And let God help you move into your destiny.

I close by just saying this’


The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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