It’s amazing how God create something as beautiful as these to lovers. This picture is surely and eye catcher. I like to study God’s creation.
When I look at these to birds kissing each other on a cold winter day, I smile to myself and say, WOW! God is so awesome. He makes everything so prefect. How can anyone say there’s no God. Who can create something like this, surely not man. This is breath taking, nothing but the good lord had His hand in this.
When I look at this, a thought comes to my mind, to pray this prayer.

Dear lord,
I love you so much, you have done great things for me. If you can make the birds even love each other, why is it so hard for us to be nice to our own mankind?
Thank you Jesus, that you have gave me a heart to love everyone including my enemies.
Jesus loved everyone, know matter what we have done, He still love us. I want my life to be full of love, so much love, that nothing in this world can shake it. I want to make a different in this world, not with money or things, but with the love of Christ Jesus.
I pray, for the world to have more love and kindness for one another. To many haters over nothing.
Why? Cuz they can’t stand to see the next man Porspers. Long as I can remember, doors were shut in my face because of jealousy. People will destroy you, If you do not have the spirit of The Lord upon you, to protect your mind, body, and soul, You are a prime target For the wolfs to eat you alive,and they come paks. I’m just like the two birds in this picture. I have the love of Christ in my Heart, because he create me.

Love, Love, love
Is what the the people
Need to get through the
The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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