I lie down to take a nap. It’s 2:20 in the after noon. To be honest. I have had butterfly’s in my tummy for days. Planning for months about Africa, (Kenya).
Stepping out on faith, is what got me where I am today. Missionary work, Blog, and even trying to open, and orphanage in Kenya. I’ve gotten so much navigate feed back on the goals, I have been trying to accomplish in my life. You much never let what someone say STOP you from your dreams. Without a dream. You are just waking up going through everyday life. Job, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing. All this is good, but what about you? What do you want out of life? I’m not a person that sits, and talks on the phone all day, or watch the stories on tv. I’m a praying woman, that seek God’s face through out the day. Life is hard without Jesus. Pulling your hair out, trying to do everything for everybody. But, what about you? It’s been raining all day, That settle rain, that makes you want to take a nap, But you are just look at the ceiling, listening to the rain making sounds on the road and grass, that one far drip that sounds like it’s hitting a pot. LISTEN, God tells the rain, how much he wants it to flow. I ask God, how must strength can you give me, to complete this task before me. A dream, I want to come true. God can to do anything if you ask Him. Listen to your heart and soul, speak to it while you are alone. The heart never lies, It always speaks the truth.
The rain washes everything on earth. Tomorrow it will be a bright and clear day. Start your morning, asking God, to help you, make your dream come true.

Talk to Jesus, he will answer,
He speaks to the heart.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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