When I first saw this picture, doing the Christmas holidays, it didn’t touch my heart, it hurt my heart, this has two different meanings.
I pray and stand in the GAP for others, not because they touch my heart, it’s because I feel there pain. This is a rare gift that God gives to people. Your heart must bleed for a person pain in order to be able, to reach God in prayer. To pray for another person, you must feel the disappointment and sorrow, they carry.
The GAP person is more than and intercessor, they intercede and pray, But a GAP person lay there life down. They forget about themselves to pray for others. They don’t meet at church, 7:00 in the morning, half sleep trying to act as though they for all of God’s people. The GAP person, never stop praying for a person until God says, it’s finish.
We stop praying to soon for others, and give up to fast on them. I have been standing in the GAP for a friend I have never met in Kenya. I have been fasting, praying and crying, sleepless nights, for eight months, repeating the same prayer for eight months, asking God to to make better life for him, and his loving family. Do you know Being the GAP person, as now lead me to do mission work there.
You must push your plate away from the table to get results for your prayers. Standing in the GAP, for others is very hard, and draining. You exactly take on all of there pain, while the breakthrough is coming. PRAISE GOD!
You much stay prayed up at all times, or you can loose who you are, being the GAP person. A GAP person can’t judge people, you must try your best to be holy unto God.
I’m a GAP PERSON, I don’t need all those fake intercessors, saying they are praying, but getting no results. Why? There just saying words. There heart is not in it. I stand in the GAP, for this little girl in Africa. I don’t know her name. I don’t know what part of Africa she lives in, But ask God, please JESUS, help this little girl. Provide her parents with what they need, if she even have any. Touch someone heart over in Africa to feed her, and cloth her. I cry tears, cuz I can’t get to her, O Jesus please lord, I’m the GAP person, please hear my request made known to you.
Prayer warriors are lazy these days, they just want a paycheck to pray for others.

I’m the top of the line GAP PERSON, I PRAY FOR RESULTS.


THe Teacup Ministry Inc.


One response to “GAP PERSON”

  1. Jesus was moved with “COMPASSION” and if HIS WORD is in us and we in HIM we should be moved with compassion also…

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