Why is it people take the word of God, and pimp It Doing there dirty deeds, to themselves and to others. I will say this. It is better not to know Him, than to be Luke warm for Him. Stop using God has a Pimp. If you are not like Christ, and no he does not live in you, why do you go through the trouble of lying cheating, just to put yourself further into HELL? The problem is, people don’t FEAR GOD. This is why, O my God! They really hide in the churches. God sees everything we do, if you make a mistake, I can understand you repenting. From your heart. But, just to play the role of a Preacher, play role, of a deacon, play role of a praise, worshiper. All these roles are meant for to uplifting of God’s kingdom. Not to sell Him, to make money for your pockets.
I pray for all, that seek for themselves in this area. One minute you love Him, the next you steal, using His name to do it. Do we not realize GOD sees EVERTHING we do. We are not your whores in church, and you are not our pimps, that goes for anyone that lies , and cheat to have there own desires, for there on needs. Now I not saying all Preachers are this way. But I do know some that do pimp the word of God. There’s a price you have to pay, When you, mess over God’s people.
I know it is going to be quite a few people, don’t like this, but I must tell the truth. You damage others, when you play around with The Word of God. They are already broken, why? Would you want to break them even more. GOD IS REAL, The Word of God is True.
Let me pray for you, if you are treating your members, and friends like you there pimps. We has believers must draw, them not use them, and run them away. 99 sheep won’t do. We must draw the lost. We must let God, have the Glory! God wants us to be busy saving SOULS.

Dear Lord, I stand in the gap, and pray and ask, even if I have been selfish in anyway or in anything, only for my wants, and needs please forgive me. Now I ask that you forgive all the the others that use your name for there purpose and not yours, Thank You lord for loving us, even in our wrong ways, you are a forgiving God. Thank You For your Grace And Your Mercy Amen.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.

Now you are the people of God
You had not received mercy, but
Now you have received mercy.
1 PETER 2:10


One response to “STOP PIMPING GOD”

  1. Amen, strong meat that we must eat to be strong in the Lord!

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