Lady’s start by treating yourself for Valentine’s Day. If it means so much to you, then lets tell the truth. Now my four daughters are always excited for VD. But there young and in love. I mean, the fresh young love, where they just can’t get of the phone, I listen to my 17 year old all the time, with little friend over the Phone, O they laugh so much, even when he is home from college, and stop by to a visit. They play and laugh so much. I love his presence in my home, watching them, brings me so much joy. Why? When we are married long, we don’t get the same treatment, as we did when we first met.
I mean, I’m not to old, where I don’t want feel the fire anymore. We must pray for our marriages. There’s this church, I attend and every year they spend money, on giving the married Couples classes on how to keep your marriage. They all go on trips, dinners. O yes, it’s all love.
Well the same people, I saw in those classes and work shops are now divorce. I mean lots of them. I ask God, why is it they give these work shops. It seems like the more they have, the more people breakup.
I tell you why. Everyone is sitting there all lovely, has if they are not having any serious problems. I believe in my heart, those marriage that didn’t last before the year was out, those papers were already file for divorce.
God is the only source in our life, when it comes to making things work in our marriages. I have gotten cards on special days, and it didn’t mean anything to me. I want the right kind of love. Don’t go buy a card, when you have not been treating me right all year long.
Let’s be honest lady’s, the cards are lies. I want my husband to love Jesus, and when he can do this, then he knows our to love me.
So I’m not going fret over something, that’s means nothing. Be joyful in The Lord. He is the best gift that God gave us. HIS SON JESUS CHRIST.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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