I write to Free myself, it’s not just feelings, this is my life stories, of what I have encounter, in my own life experiences. Life has not treated me fairly, there have been lots of pain, and even thoughts of taking my life many years ago. I though going church, would help me get over my deep depression, I even had pills for this. People are so mean in this world. Jealousy, is a killer. I don’t want to get deep into my past as of now. But there’s is history, of a broken woman, that God made whole. I’m far from being perfect, but with Gods help, I have raise four beautiful daughters. God taught me how to be the Most wonderful mother in this world. It is God, that showed me our to live in such a wicked world. So it’s not fake, the blog is my life stories.
I love you all so very much. I spend time, praying and writing to make others feel better, and to release, what God as given me, to give you.

Be Encourage
God is real, and he
Loves you.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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