I awoke this morning to do my every Saturday cloths sales. I was park in my every Saturday spot, praying and asking God to sent me a blessing. I didn’t make much money, it seem every one was sleeping in, and did not feel like doing yard sales. So just when I decide to pack up and leave, a woman and mother came to look at some things that I had. Doing our conversation she told me she knew me from before doing my garage sales in my yard. We started sharing the goodness of the The Lord, I started sharing with are about my trip to Kenya and she told me every time I said Kenya the Holy Spirit came so strong over her. our meeting together this morning was more than making a sale. I end up giving them some things with know cost. That woman bless me so much, she told me it was such a blessing to know that love people in this way. We hug and talk about our great the lord is, and how he will open doors for his people. She lift me up so much, she talk the power of Jesus, it is so hard to connect with people that say they believe, but they speak out the other side of there mouths. I came home with ten dollars in my pocket, but it was the Word of God that brought life into a dead situation. I bless them and I return home. This where my day gets better, a friend of mine call me she was very upset and crying very bad over the phone. I told her I  wanted to pray for her, could she me meet at the parking lot atimage TJ Max I had to take my daughter to the salon to get her hair done. She also reminded me to bring a dress she wanted to buy from me, Praise God there was

my blessing for today!!!!

I met her there, I sat in her car, and she share some things with me. We talk about some of my problems and hers. I let her know God is not a man, he will not lie. We must put our FAITH into action and when we go to God and pray we must leave it there. God will take care of His own. After we talk, I said now its time to pray. Me and that sister prayed and we prayed. The HolyGhost took over that car. We began to speak in tongues and we bind some stuff and loose some stuff. AND GOD REVEAL HIS GLORY. She told me she had not spoken in tongues for 15 years. To God Be The Glory. She told me she smell a sweetness in the car like perfume. I will tell you the true my friend , look like a different person the glory of God was all over her face. She told me it felt like 50 pounds was lifted off of her. JESUS IS THE ANSWER FOR EVERY NEED TO BE MET.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 PETER 5:7


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