We all have moments when we feel insignificant and alone. maybe you’re feeling that way right now. Everywhere you look, other people are busy with their own lives. they don’t seem to even see you. You want to reach out, but your cup is empty. And you feel as though you have nothing to offer.

       Dear friend, we can become so discouraged when we’re alone. The more we look to others, the more parched and empty we can become until we think we might die of thirst.

        We can choose to be hurt or angry. We can even try to fill our own cup. But being alone may very well be God’s design to draw you closer to Himself. He longs to be your very best friend. He loves you more than you’ll ever comprehend, and He alone is able to meet the deepest needs of you heart.

         As you make Jesus the center of your life, He fills your emptiness to overflowing, with plenty left over to share. When you reach out with this cool, refreshing drink of God’s love-one of acceptance. compassion, mercy, and encouragement-you may soon find another drinking from the same cup, and you both will be refreshed.



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