And after He had dismissed the multitudes, He went up into the hills by Himself to pray. when it was evening, He was still alone.  Matthew 14:23

If you want to have victory in your life, spend time alone with God. Jesus took regular times away for prayer fellowship. He apparently had a sense that any time He felt He had given out all He had in Him to give, He would walk away from everybody and go somewhere, get by Himself, pray,talk to God—just do whatever He did in those times of solitude. then He would come back ready to minister again.

Don’t let yourself get burn out. When you feel you have given all you have to give, then go spend some time with God and get a refill. when your tank is getting low, you go and get it filled up again so you won;t run out of gas. But when it comes to spiritual things, you may be running out on fumes.

At times Jesus went off into the mountains to pray. He’d get up early in the morning to be alone with God. When He had a serious decision to make, sometimes He prayed all night. why? He knew the value of being in the presence of God.

When you are upset, go to Jesus and spend a little time with Him. In fact, run to Him.

I’ve said for years: don’t run to the phone; run to the throne. We need to honor God by putting Him first. We need to run to Him first, listen to Him first, give Him the first part of our money, the first part of our time, the first part of everything in our lives. According to Matthew 6:33, if we do so, He will supply our needs and bless us.



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