Sometimes we can pray for for hours, days, years, and it does not seen that God hears our prayer. There’s nothing wrong with praying the same prayer over and over again, it’s not that I don’t believe that God is going to do it? I just like to remind Him ,of what he promise me in his word, God likes us to remind him of what he said. I’m a praying woman, I pray in and out of season, prayer is the key for anything you want in your life. I live on the word of God it is the Word of God that sets me Free. Prayer changes things, and Praises unto God gives us our blessing , I mean praise him when the times  are bad, I can say this people will praise God when they got money in there pockets,  but the minute something is not going there way, God does not even EXSIST anymore, I’m for Jesus at all times. Even when I didn’t have I was still on the mountain top, why?  Because that is what God do for his people.  Learn to pray for everything , I am a witness God is able to do any and everything you ask.  Have Faith as most as a mustard seed. Be not weary in well doing ? God is God , he’s going to do just what he wants, and when He feels like it. so slow down, don’t be in a hurry. GOD HAS YOUR BACK and I do toO. be Bless and Have a Great Day~





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