I have been praying and fasting a lot for two months now, asking God  to do some things for my children,  and for my friends. I spend most of  my time just crying out to the lord on my behalf of answering prayers. I don’t mine praying because God does answer prayers. My kids are all grown up now going about there everyday life and things that theywant, they now go after it. I how ways taught my kids that life is stuff, you have to be stuff in life. I have four  beauiful girls I’m proud  of, they love God. And I ALWAYS tell them seek first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added unto you. Now it was not easy trying to get my girls to walk in faith. I had to do a lot of talking and a lot of praying with them. I would  sit for hours telling them how to reach God in prayer.  Most of the time,I would get on my knees  and pray with them , to let them know you have to surrender in order for God to work.  And they have learn to defeat the enemy. I thank God they not jealous  envy of anyone. I taught them to go for your goals in life because I’m not going to always be around. Now they are all grown up, I get To live my life again, I thank God that I’m a praying mother. Life is what you make it. I came from a very poor family, I when hungry lots of times, slept in cars , I was as runaway child, because my mom was a drug addict, and I was too. But look how God has change my life, and he taught me how to be a mother, I learn that from God not my mother. You must be all you can, and pray in and out of season, God will meet you and take care of  the rest. Just trust him. Look at My seed I prayed for. Years of praying and laboring , now I get to see Gods wonderful works. TO GOD I GIVE ALL THE GLORY!!!




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