Know matter how I  feel, I have learn to praise and worship, nothing can take  the place of God . I’m saying, truth Praise and worship is when you are in relationship and fellowship with the Father. I close my eyes, I dont look to see who’s looking at me, and I’m not looking at them. When the praises go up the blessing come down. I have experience that everything I got, and healings in my body, came through praise and worship. Worship is better than drugs, alcohol, I would die if couldnt praise and worship The Living God. It’s my medicine, I’m going say this, you my call me a Jesus FREAK, that’s becauses I am, I love the lord with all my heart and soul.  No one at all comes before the Father. He is my Daddy, I can go to him, and ask him for anything and he will supply all my needs. I talk to him in the time of troubles, I can tell him secrets, and he will keep them all to himself. He loves me just the way I AM, CASE CLOSE. I have Bless Day.




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