Why do you have the blog blues? I’m a house wife, just not long ago, I was ironing, washing, cooking, and still cleaning house.
I’m 55 years old, I have been doing this less than 5 months. I just want to express my feelings on my IPAD, than in a journal.
I get one or two comments, saying they are bore or could I write somethting more interesting. I mean, one or two, out of 1,200 is not bad.
People look to feed off your feelings, they take your life, from your blog, and make it there personal life.
Do like I do. Write your own Blog, and set yourself FREE.
I call these readers, BLOG BLUES, the ones that complain, sending you negative comments, looking for you to make there day.
I thank God that, I can be happy. Without my Blog. My Blog is not my life, but it is in my heart, to reach God’s people.
My blog is to bless others, and lift them up, and share the goodness of The Lord.

Don’t have the Blog blues
Just have Jesus, he can fill
Every void .

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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