The lord is taking me somewhere different in my life. No friends to come along on this trip. I will be in Kenya.
Yes, this Trip is just me and God alone. Im not afraid, because God is with me. We want to do lots of things in our life, but we are always to afraid to step out into the unknown.
I have been stuck in the same place for years, blaming everyone else , for not moving forward in my life. We also let others hold us back! Worrying about grown children, worry about the husband, worry about bills, you name it. Its all the ABOVE! Life is more than just working, cleaning, and waiting on your husband. You must fight for your life, and step out in Faith, and believe that God will meet you there. Its not easy, but if you trust in the lord every step of the way, You will make progress. One step at a time, will make you feel very content about doing something for you.
You must plan it out, Pray about it all the time, and you can’t let other people stand in tour way, that means family to.
Yes, I will tell you the truth, it has been a struggle, trying to change my life to please the lord with the work he has given to me. Be encourage, I will walk with you, in prayer.

Dear lord,
Please help me to think more of myself, when it s
Comes to me. Help me to find your way, and not mines.
If I fellow your way, I can’t ever go wrong. Be with me always. Help me to be a FRIGHTER in the spirirt. Breaking-down strongholds, in Jesus Name.
The Teacupministry Inc.


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