It always seem that prayers that you pray will never be answer.  At this time in my life, all I have time for is to pray, no watching TV , or even going out for a ice cream cone. God as put in a place just to pray, even when I’m sick weak and have nowhere to turn, or even no one to pray with, I say to my Father please help me lord to understand what is going on, and what would you like me to do.  And he says to me, my daughter just remember that I love you. If you abide in me I will abide you. listen to my Words they are The Words of Life. (The Words of Life).  I can remember I use to go to my friends, seeking there opinion about this everyday life. People can’t help you get through anything, only God can do this. They can listen, but they can’t release anything that is going on inside of you. Only God can do this if you surrender to His will. Waiting and waiting, for God to answer.

I know God will work, but we can not rush him to do anything. So are you going to get mad, or are you going to pray. Just remember that God can’t hear your prayers in emotion. When you pray, pray knowing that the lord will answer in the time of need. He is so faithful, it is us that let God down, He does not let us down. Pray in and out of season, knowing that what ever you have been asking, trust in the lord, he sees every tears, feels every pain, that you feel. Yes He as feelings also. At the in of every situation there in a new dawn. Yes wait, wait on the lord. He will renew your strength, and heal your body, give you peace in the mist of the storm. Cry, get all out, and when you are finish crying, sit down and talk with Him. He is a awesome listener. May we all keep each other lifted up in our daily prayers. Always tell God thank you, everyday, and for everything.

To my dearest Friend

Mutua Philip,

Thank you for all your support.


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