imageI woke up this morning to put my turkey in the oven, and I began to pray and tell God thank you for all the blessings in my life. I was sadden when I find out that my friend in Kenya, never sat down and had thanks giving before in his life. They don’t have this feast there in Kenya. So I begin to explain to him what thanks giving was all about here in USA. I began to shed a view tears because, I wanted  Philip to sit at the table with me and my family. I felt really down. I took things for granted not knowing, every year celebration that we do, we do not think of others. We are so selfish when it comes to to having things that we really don’t even consider a big deal. I will never forget  this thanksgiving, it is a horrible feeling to sit at the table to eat food when other people are out of jobs and hungry. This year, since I met my friend Philip.

I have learn to only focus on the things that matter to God. Yes thanksgiving is a table where all the family get together once a year to love on each other and share the past and the future. We must learn to be nice to others and invited someone that is not apart of the family.

I always set my table for two more people that needs to feel love, and feel like they are apart of something. My daughter Paulina is bringing a friend that as not never in his life had thanksgiving dinner. This is what God want us to do. Why do we always have to feel like it just has to be us. God has made me over. When I get to Kenya, I will cook a thanksgiving dinner for Mutua and his family. I have love for all of Gods people, I want to share what ever I can to make someone happy. This day will be really heart felt for me.  I will be thinking of all the people that have never had a thanksgiving.

My life does not belong to me, it belong to Jesus. I’m so happy that God has given me a new look on how it really should be. But since is not that way. He chose me to make a different. Happy Thanksgiving to all, may God bless you. Serve with Love. Please don’t be upset about what I have said. To much is given, much is require.


God Bless You

Reach Out To Others

Happy Thanksgivings

Serve  wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men,

because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever he does.




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