I got a message after Thanksgiving. A friend wanted me to write a story about, how church people get kick to the curve. I know, It going to be a problem with writing this story, and lots of people, are not going to like it. But I don’t care what others think anymore. We has the body of Christ, must SPEAK OUT! I have been mistreated in every church I have joined.
WHY? Because of my PRAISE AND WORSHIP! I remember long ago, I was attending this church. I was seeking for a church home for my kids and I. We were always faithful about attending to membership classes. The kids would sit all day with me in church, with a family of six kids, I wanted them to have a relationship with God first, and not me.
At the beginning, people in the church, the people would seem to be excited, When I praise God. You could hear me from the street, that’s how loud I was. People always complain to the Pastors that was to loud, or I was dancing and praising God to much, and they didn’t like it. They would say, sis LittleJohn needs to sit down and shut up, or we will put her out the church. O yes, I have been told to leave so many churches. And I had to drag my six children from church to church, because I was not wanted anywhere. I can remember crying all time because, I was treated so bad. My children they are not attending churches any more, because of how they miss treated me. I went through a lot with CHURCH FOLK.
I don’t know what it was about me, that bother people so much when it came to my praise and worship. In churches today, no one wants give God the praise, and they just sit and watch me, as if I was serving the devil instead of God. I went years being mistreated in churches, some the stuff I have experience, I would ask God, how can they mistreat Your people in such horrible way, in the church building. It is sad when we as the body of Christ, can not love one another, I see so much hate right in the church, they don’t even try to hide how they feel about you or anyone else. Like crabs in a bucket, every time you try to make it to the top, the other crabs put you down. Yes! In the church. I have been turn down so many times. Call to make difference in others life, wanting to work for The Lord, but no one at any church I attended, wanted me to be apart of anything, if it meant showing them up, or if they thought I would take the spot-light away from them. You could forget it, I didn’t stand a chance. Leaders hating on leaders, why? If God, call you for a season to do is work, why do you go out of your way to stop others from getting there blessings.
I have been hurt in the church for many years. I don’t know why I still go. I have been in situation, where I was hated because, I would mentor to others that are still being treated like dogs. No, even dogs are treated better. Instead of loving God’s people, church folk kick them to the curve. I have never in all my years seen people in the church so mean, so ugly, so rude, they don’t care about God, or anyone else. We must pray, and fast for the churches, and for the evil people in the churches. Prostitution is in the church some churches are ran like a night club, a place just to collect women. People hide in the church, trying to cover up all there dirty deeds, but you know, God sees everything we do. I myself, I just pray. I believe in my heart, the church is for us to fellowship and bring others to the understanding of Jesus Christ, and let the lost souls, know, there is a living God, that love us all. And we should not be so selfish, and leave others to go to HELL, because of our own selfish desires. I am sure JESUS is weeping so greatly. We have treated the body of Christ so badly, when will it stop, how many times we will throw people to the curve in the church. People are lost. Why do you think the church is there? I pray to God that we all will have respect for the church building, it is a slap in God’s face, when we don’t respect the church building.
A lot of people are going to be upset about me writing this. I write to express my hurt and pain, and to lift others up in spirit, I would encourage you to seek God on your own. why?
God bless me, with a ministry in KENYA!


The Teacup Ministry Inc.
Reaching The world
Through Jesus Christ
In Kenya


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