I have always love reaching out to others, this is what I love to do. Life is very pleasing to me, when I can give, and don’t expect anything in return.
When you can give, and do something to help others, and not expect anything in return, it is the heart of God that you have.
I did not say, I love for people to need me, I said I love to give. I have experience everything I have, I got back from God, Because I was a giver.
My children are bless, because I put others before my children, that may sound crazy, but God is blessing me, through giving. I love the life of loving others, it makes me feel joy to be able to rest, and know that God has my back.
I Will say this to you, forget about yourself, and focus on love and giving, and you will never go lacking, and your children will never go lacking.
God is my source in everything, he will provide. Just reach out, and love someone instead only your family. My heart goes out for all of God’s people.

Be a blessing to others, and God will bless YOU!!!
Reaching The World Through
Jesus Christ


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