There’s a time in your life, in doing God’s work, you have to stop, and listen to God’s voice, to make sure you are doing his will and not yours.
I have been doing a great deal of work getting things in order for the Teacup Ministry, over in Africa. Yes God has order my steps from the very beginning.
God has done so many great things for me, words is nothing to say. How God has provided. I want the world to know that God is not man. You much believe that God is all power, and that power he gave to you and me. Rest in the lord, and he will renew your strength. He will open doors no man will ever be able to close. Rest in The lord, he will show you the next move to take. Be cheerful, and don’t worry about things we can’t control.
I have put all my trust in the Lord up above. Be at peace, look for postive things to do while waiting on and answer from the Lord. Set your goals higher than the last ones. Be steadfast unremovable, praying at all times for God to open doors, for you. Wait for His reply. His reply is very rewarding. All God’s blessing come with pain. He wants to see can you handle your test.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.


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