Apr. 23,2010

Thank you God for giving me the love that I needed when no one else would. I’m happy that I brought myself this Bible, so that  can learn more about Jesus, our lord and savior.

Apr. 28,2010

Lord I thank you for waking me up this morning, this is the day the lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Thank you lord for your grace and mercies, Thank you lord for your many Blessings. Thank you for showing me how to love everyone in spite of how I feel.

May 2,2010

I had to ask God to cleans my soul today, and renew a right spirit in me. God I thank you I can come to you for grace and mercy. It is so wonderful that I can surrender every hurt and disappointment in Jesus name. I need more of you all the time. In church today I felt the burden of your people, there was no praise and worship.

It does not matter how we are feeling about life, God wants our Thanks and our Praise. I love to Worship God, that’s when I get to love on Him, and we share our expression for love to each other. Because He lives in me. God is the light of my life, He is life, without God,  I will surely die. Trust in the Lord He is the Golden key for joy in life.






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