I remember years ago,  I didn’t know what it meant to be still in the storm. But has I mature in christ I came to understand that God is a God that can not work in confusion. We try to fix problems on our own. Doing a storm it’s hard to keep quite when the enemy is attaching you, friends, family, spouse it’s enough to make you want To fight back. Let me share this with you. I have won so many battles keeping my mouth shut, God has bless me in ways that has blow my mind. When the enemy gets busy, you just pray and tell God all about it, and he surely will see you through. When you don’t speak to the enemy, it confuses  the him. speaking  in your heavenly tongues, is  our  weapon against the enemy. So when the storm is raging just keep still, and watch God work. I know, its hard to keep quiet when those dots are being throw at you. But you can defeat the enemy by just not saying a word. Love is the key to win the world. Jesus draw people to him,  Because of his love. Love everyone that do you wrong. God will reward you for it. So let not your angry keep you out of the blessing from God. Gods wants to bless you more and more each day, but we much apply the rule. OBE. We must obey, and repent and ask God to forgive us for our sin. God is love, love is God.  Just keep still and let the glory of heavens pour you out blessing in Jesus  name. Have a bless day, and remember keep still in the  storm.

The Teacup ministry Inc.


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