I’m a wounded warrior. I pray for people that hurt me. I’m a wounded warrior. I ask God to forgive them, I’m a wounded warrior. Jesus Said he will fight my battles. I’m a wound warrior. I pray night and day for people that hurt me. Some prayers last for years. And they still hurt me. I’m a wounded warrior. Yes I’m the one they lie on accuse me of things I did not do. Yes I’m a wounded warrior. Yes I must keep praying, asking God to remove my pain. Warriors have feeling also. We fight in the spirit and cast everything back to the pits of hell. We stand in the gap for others that do us wrong. Jesus die on the cross for me. So I must kill my flesh all day. It’s hard to die to the flesh, when people hurt you. They hate me without a cause. God is the light of my life. I want my light to shine before men always. I must forgive them. But I’m a wounded warrior. Jesus is may presence help, my help comes from The Lord. He has the power to do all things, and that power he gave to me. You can’t  never break a warrior. Why? The wounds heals very fast. The more you fight them the stronger they get. Warriors don’t give in and they don’t give up. A true warrior can withstand any test. They get back up fighting even harder than before. I put on the whole Armor of God. Praying for others rather they are for me are not, have made me the most loving and forgiving person in this world. Love is all I know. Love everyone even when you are wounded.

The Teacup Ministry Inc.