Never believe that things can’t get worst, because they can.  You must believe that it can also get better. About three years ago I almost lost my daughter, the doctors was looking for the worst. She was in surgery for fifteen hours, a tumor had  connected to most of  her parts in  the digestive system. Now I know you are saying, but what this has to do with Cancer month, what is she talking about. I’m talking about life and death when the doctors says there’s know hope, we have  to wait an see. And then the lady comes in the room to get all the information surely to let you know,  fill this from out we are expecting your daughter to die.  You have to speak those things as though there NOT!  I told that social worker to get out of the room and never ever come back. Because God is going to HEAL my daughter.  I went to everyone that I could trust, and new that they would really pray and believe God would work. It starts with your heart first. God works through a pure heart. you must fast and pray and don’t wavier. you must believe in your heart that God  can Heal you. My daughter was in the hospital for six wks. I pray and pray and pray for God to heal her. I had know doubt, none at all. God is faithful in his word.  My faith is strong. She Even had a setback. They said, they might have to open her back up again. You have to remind God what he promise. I said to God, you promise that my daughter will be heal. I told that devil to get out of my head, get out my life, God is a God that would not lie. my daughter is Heal today, and is in great health. to God be the glory. Stay in the presence of the Almighty God, get in your secret place. and cry out to the LORD. BELIEVE IN HIM. I pray right now , that God will Heal your body, I pray for the children that are sick in there bodies. Father God hear my prayers and do your great works in Jesus name. I rest in  you knowing every need will be met. Please give them peace in the storm.  God has the power, and that power is in you. Put  the Word of God into ACTION!

You are in my Prayers, God is a HEALER


I pray for all of God’s people,  Asking Him to heal the sick and wounded. we don’t understand why life seems to cheat  us, I do know that God is in control.  He loves us very much,  in our sickness, in our wellness, and even our love ones we have lost.  God is the only one  that can give us peace in the storm.  Even in pain, and in the darkness hour,  God will bring  .joy in our life. I know you are saying, what is she talking about?  I’m saying reach out to Gods Glory and in your suffering he can remove the pain.  He has all the Power you need, and when you pray to God,  He can give you a  peace of mine, letting you know, you don’t have to be  afraid, if you BELIEVE, YOU CAN BE HEAL!  God will not go back on His Word. you must have FAITH that he can heal you.

I want to send this prayer  out to all the Cancer victims: Our Father who art in heaven, please heal the sick ones, let them know that you are able to do what they ask, if they would  have faith as small as a mustard seed. Father God, please give them the peace of mine, you are right there with them.  Father God in the mighty name of Jesus. I  pray that they come to know you are there, and you are waiting for them to call on your name. O Father I pray that they will fill your love, because when we hurt you hurt. please forgive us for doubting you. You said in you Word, we have not,  because we ask not.  I’m asking in Jesus name,  He is a great HEALER, RIGHT NOW, HEAL, HEAL, receive it, believe it, and it will be DONE IN JESUS NAME!!!!! AMEN. I love all of you, believe with  me that you will be heal. Be at peace God is with you. This is not Cancer month, this Is LIFE MONTH, JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!