I lay in bed day after day asking myself how long will I have to go through this horrible thing in my body they call cancer. If you notice I didn’t capitalize the c…. Don’t try to figure out what to do. I have been in my House since August of last year. Pandemic the c, not being able to communicate public with anyone, because my cells are down, and not to mention how drain I am from treatments. I look at my once pretty perfect feet, now toenails black, that look like polish. 😔 My fingernails brittle, and trying to fall off. I’ve lost half a nail already. Joint pain all day, Port in my chest for treatments, censor on my arm for diabetic,cause by chemo, ankle brace, sleeve and glove for lymphedema three surgeries. I can go on, and and, on. DON’T !!!!!!

I pray, asking God did I do something wrong. DON’T!!!!! Life is funny, and it can be down right upsetting and very painful. This episode of my life I draw closer to God, and I talk with him through out the day. You can call, and text many friends and families as much as you like. At the in of the day, you are left with you. Loneliness and sickness can bring a big ugly Monster in our daily thoughts. Choose to talk with our heavenly Father. Don’t forget to love you, no matter what you see in the mirror. My bald head, twice less than two years, DON’T punish yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t worry about what people are saying. I get through my long days and months mediating on the lord. I Don’t let anyone in my space. My space only belongs to God. This world is full of people who don’t care. Care about you. I DON’T HOLD on to anything that don’t give me peace. My sickness has awaken me at a late age. Its not to late to start over again, Start now. Don’t stress over life, it is what it is. God is in control.



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