Living with breast Cancer

Sitting here thinking about many journeys, in the past and now. I want to talk about my most resent one, that happen on yesterday. I was wondering why it was so important to have blood sugar down, when taking a pet scan. I’m not going to discuss that now, its to draining. I run into so many people with the C that it blows my mind learning about the human body. On yesterday my nurse that took care of me, had just finish her radiation a week ago. My breast cancer is from not getting enough protein in my body, that comes from menopause. Which makes me a triple negative. My nurse told me what her BC came from, not having any menopause. She told me, she went through Chemo, radiation and reconstruction on her left breast. Now they want to give her a pill that causes many serious side affects. blood clots, lung problems, and also her heart. By this time my mouth was open, because I knew what she was going to say. She told me, shes not going to take the pill, she was in fear of other complications. This pill was to help the C from coming back. I held her hand while waiting to go get my pet scan. I told her whatever decision she makes I’m going to trust that the lord will lead her in the right direction, and trust that he will be with her. She was afraid, and I can understand her situation. She told me, that blood work would have to be done every two weeks for the rest of her life, if she decided to take the pill. The C is know joke, do your research on whats going on with you and your body. It’s wise to have knowledge about yourself, and your condition. Prayer can change any condition. It was three people , God put in my life while in the hospital yesterday. The young lady that walk me to the back, the nurse, and the secretary I call when I arrive home. She has been answering the phone for 5 months never share with me, about here BC. She told me, she had BC twice. She said in a soft voice, Regina keep the Faith, this will be your last time. I was so encourage on yesterday. In closing , be around people that can encourage you. I’m a living testimony God is keeping me. Trust God, when negative thoughts comes in my head I rebuke them, and start giving God The Praise!!!!!!!!!


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