We often ask God to do many things for us, not knowing what it will take to make our dreams come true. We ask ourselves is it worth the pain. In order to do what God want us do, we have to totally give up ourselves, our friends and families to get the job done. Everyone can’t go where God is going to take you. I’m not my own, I belong to God, and he’s in control of my life, it’s God who plans what my day will be, and it is I that have to except what God choose, and trust that he will bring it all together. My journey to Kenya doing missionary work has been the test of times, and many times when I think I’m perfectly alright, that’s when I’m broken the most. Peace starts within you, many times I can be my own enemy, with my thoughts and the things I say. I’m going to be honest, my thoughts and my tongue have almost destroyed this mission many times. It was only prayer and mediation that guided me. Yes, we all have a spirit of destruction if we don’t stay close to God. This guy is digging the hole for the bathroom on the site. Every time I look at this photo I tears come to my eyes, this hole has to be 14 inches deep, 5 days to finish. I SAY TO GOD, WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO SELFISH AND CRY ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I STILL DONT HAVE WHAT I WANT. Or let’s just say, I can’t have my way, and I don’t except change very well. I scream and kick like a baby, when God says No. Life is never really going to give us exactly what we want. O yes, it will if you are only thinking of yourself. In missionary work you have to give up your life. The man in the photo, I’m sure he’s not complaining about his work down in the hole. He’s happy to have work, so he can eat and feed his family. Me Me Me, I should ashamed of myself, I AM.



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