I sit here thinking about my presence life, not really whining or pouting about my past’( lies ). Occasionally I do fine myself wondering off into world that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve always been a thinker, and I’ve read somewhere it’s not good to over think.🤔 When I look back over my life, it’s not my past that’s make me unhappy, it’s my future I’m trying to make sense of. With lots of experiences, and having a Beautiful relationship with God, I do know for sure I was born with purpose, and it’s to love and help many of God’s people. It takes a genuine and loving person, to reach out to people whom you have never met, to express heart felt love. This kind of love can only rain from heaven. We are not here on earth to be self keepers. Many times when God blesses us, we quickly forget that he did it. We sang that glorious tune, it’s mines, it’s mines, it’s all mines. It’s my money, it’s my house, it’s my car, it’s my land. We have To be very careful, God is not please when we do not put him first!!!!! I know what you’re saying, well it’s natural, and human for us to act this way. People that truly have a relationship with the Lord always recognized Him first.They shout with joy! Hallelujah God did it!!!!! hallelujah God did it. Everything I have belongs to God. All your gifts that the Lord gives to you, are meant to share with others. So the mortal of my short story is, I don’t belong to myself. I give myself away, so I can please God. It took many years to find my gifts, and I use all of them to build up God’s Kingdom. I’m a kingdom builder, and the lord uses me for his Kingdom. And while I’m Building his Kingdom, he’s making sure, things will be right for me. I believe in the near future, my life will be extremely beautiful, and there will be many joyous times on my journeys if I stay focus. Byeeeeeeee😘✌🏼


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