Freedom from your on mind

I have studied this lady in the photo for a long time. And while writing I will go back and peak at the photo again. I’m not a day dreamer, I did that when I was very young girl, you know teenage fantasies stuff that never came true. I’ve been a little down these days, it’s nothing I cause on myself. Life is like that, things will happen that we didn’t cause on ourselves. I’m finding out as I grow in Christ, that we can’t keep getting upset over life situations that is not in our control. Nothing is ever in our control. Fulfillment can only come, when how hearts are doing things we love to do. When I see the lady leaping with joy in the photo, I say to myself (WOW ) only if I can be free like this. I want to feel good always, but there will always be bump along the way. Everyday life does not give us the guarantee that things will always work in our favor. This is where prayer comes in. The only thing that can keep us from falling, is prayer. I pray for joy, and in the storms of my life, I what to always leap for joy.
Dear Jesus teach me to except what I can’t change, show me how to rejoice in the changing. I write about my life experiences, because it helps me to grow, and let’s me know in everything, I have to trust God in prayer. I Want my life to pleasing and wonderful in the sight of God🙏🏼😀


I sit here thinking about my presence life, not really whining or pouting about my past’( lies ). Occasionally I do fine myself wondering off into world that doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve always been a thinker, and I’ve read somewhere it’s not good to over think.🤔 When I look back over my life, it’s not my past that’s make me unhappy, it’s my future I’m trying to make sense of. With lots of experiences, and having a Beautiful relationship with God, I do know for sure I was born with purpose, and it’s to love and help many of God’s people. It takes a genuine and loving person, to reach out to people whom you have never met, to express heart felt love. This kind of love can only rain from heaven. We are not here on earth to be self keepers. Many times when God blesses us, we quickly forget that he did it. We sang that glorious tune, it’s mines, it’s mines, it’s all mines. It’s my money, it’s my house, it’s my car, it’s my land. We have To be very careful, God is not please when we do not put him first!!!!! I know what you’re saying, well it’s natural, and human for us to act this way. People that truly have a relationship with the Lord always recognized Him first.They shout with joy! Hallelujah God did it!!!!! hallelujah God did it. Everything I have belongs to God. All your gifts that the Lord gives to you, are meant to share with others. So the mortal of my short story is, I don’t belong to myself. I give myself away, so I can please God. It took many years to find my gifts, and I use all of them to build up God’s Kingdom. I’m a kingdom builder, and the lord uses me for his Kingdom. And while I’m Building his Kingdom, he’s making sure, things will be right for me. I believe in the near future, my life will be extremely beautiful, and there will be many joyous times on my journeys if I stay focus. Byeeeeeeee😘✌🏼

Philippians 1:6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

My work has never been easy, but it’s been enjoyable. God want us to enjoy what we do for him. Many times the work we do can become stressful, only because we want it so bad. I found out the hard way, God does what he wants to do, in his on timing. So you might as well sit back and relax, and enjoy the journey. I 😂 because it’s never that way for me. When God speaks to me, I’m always ready and willing to do as he says. God speaks to us through his word. God gave me ministry, and the journey has been mind blowing. If you need any encouraging on your journey, speak life within. My work speaks for me. Stay safe😷 Pray and wait patiently for your dreams to come to life.🙏🏼🥰❤️

Lord Give Me Confidence

Lord help me to know where you are leading me, and let me have the confidence to go where you send me. I’m not afraid, I’m drain from my surroundings, and I can’t seem to find peace no matter our hard I try, and it doesn’t matter how kind I am. ( There’s no peace ). God promises are not just empty words that are given to convince us to fellow him. The lord knows we cannot do anything in our own strength, so he gives us his confidence. I have so much love for the Lord, and it’s not my doubting that disturbs me. Its decisions I need to make in my life that is healthy and nourishing for me. We live to satisfy people to much, when they’re not giving two cents about how we feel. I never question people walk with Christ, it’s their actions that tell me, How can you have the love of Christ, when you repeatedly do the things you do to hurt others. I know my attacks come from the enemy, because I’m doing something good, and I’m sure God is please with me. How can I escape this nightmare I live in, it’s a dark dungeon and I’m trying not hurt myself while screaming to get out. My soul cries out, dear Lord hear my prayers, and deliver me, from being tormented. I will always love God, soon and very soon there will be no more chains holding me. Never give up, and never never Mistreat others. Your end will be your beginning. 🙏🏼Stay safe 😷