It’s very important to know who you are in life, and be honest and truthful in every part of your life. It is integrity that enhances every part of your life. You have to live up to the values that are important to you. When you say you are going to do something. The only way to establish something you want, you must deliver your promises. Stay focus, surround yourself with honest people, and take responsibilities. Having integrity is a positive character trait. Any time you are doing anything that, involves being a leader, you must be trusted. When you act with integrity, you can rest easier with yourself, and not live in regretting sacrificing and important part of yourself for anything. I love communication, it’s very healthy to react with emotional intelligence. With God beside me, I’m still learning many things on how to work the mission over in Africa. Thanking God for giving me the best crew ever. I’ve had some bad times in ministry, but I kept my promises to myself and I have been working hard ever since. To God I give all the Glory!!!!!!

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