See u, not them

People want us to live up to there expectations, and they really believe you shouldn’t have anything in your life except what they give you. Control is and evil spirit that preys on the weak, or let’s just say they think you are weak. This year I have seen so much, and have lost so many friends, and family. And to be honest with all the stuff that’s going on, it can be down right fearful. God is not fear, so we must remind ourselves that no matter what happens, God is with us. I know everyone is not on the same spiritual level, and there are many that need guidance. I never though for one minute I wouldn’t be heal from breast cancer, I just never gave a thought to anything except praying, and asking God to get me back to my work in Kenya. In all you go through, you have to have faith in something, because it is hope and faith, that will get you through. If sickness comes on you, don’t be bitter, grace it with love, be joyful in your thoughts even in your pain. No one words will completely make you feel better, it’s your thoughts about yourself that will make you feel better. In hardship the very ones we expect to be there at all times, is the very ones, that can’t smooth out the rough edges the way we want them to. Genuine love is hard to find, why I say this, people are so into themselves and what they want, never giving there whole self. I give my whole self to everyone, that God put in my path. But it doesn’t mean you will get it back. Never make this mistake, ruining your life for anyone that’s not willing to drink from the same cup with you. All I’m trying to say is, look after yourself, and don’t focus on so much on what has been done to you. Move toward your destiny, and why you are moving forward, pray for the ones you had to leave behind, thanking God he gave you the power and strength to do it. You can’t stay in a bubble the rest of your life. SEE U🙏🏼


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