Beauty is on the inside of you

A beautiful life is not just looking good on the outside, but feeling good about yourself on the inside. We all know as women, It’s a task always to feel good about ourselves, when we are face with so many responsibilities through out the day. The worst is when we’re simply not appreciated by the people we love. No one should have to take any kind of abuse, and when you recognize you are begin abused, you should take a stand and get out soon as possible. We have a serious problem waiting, and waiting hoping the situation will get better. Beauty starts in you, making sure you treat yourself right. Our problem is we look for people to treat us right, but I want to tell you this will never happen. Why? It’s about control, and when you let someone control you, you lose who you are, and who you can become. Struggling to love yourself, is a challenge 24/7, you have to set aside time for yourself. Don’t let anyone take your life from you, when they’re doing exactly what they want. Be consistent about your goals in life no matter how the other person feels. Game players never change their game, they just apply pressure to see if you will quick. Fulfillment is everlasting, because you are doing the things you love to do. I’m 61, and I’m struggling to do what gives me fulfillment, because the enemy, thinks I was born to serve him. It’s so important to be connected to people that want to share your dream. Never let anyone steal your beauty, bloom with excellence, knowing you can push with prayer. Prayer gives you power, and power as strength to do all the beautiful things your heart desires. God wants you to live in JOY!!!!!!!


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