Recovery of my mine

I notice that my recovery from cancer was a lot easier than my mind recovery. I have found out even in sickness people don’t know how to love you, and genuinely act like they care. Let me explain, so you can understand me better. I appreciate everyone that has been praying for me. Its good to have many friends, and love ones to pray for us. If I was you, I wouldn’t Crack my brain about who is genuine or not. God can use anyone, and turn it around for your good. I often sit in my home thinking all about the craziness that’s going on in the world. We, I, you, need to spiritually stick together like glue, because at the end of the day patty words, and minerals things don’t matter. I’m asking God to do recovery on my mind. I’m not trying not to carry dead weight, after all I’ve been through. It’s a shame, in these times you would think people will have a change of heart, But they don’t. Selfishness is something I have always analyze, because it truly makes people evil. Prayer is the key to freedom and peace, peace that only the Lord can give us. Stop looking for people to rub your wounds until they’re heal. Exactly I’ve experience salt is added to mines. All the enemy wants, is to see you upset thinking they have won the battle. Just remember the battle is not yours, it’s the lords. So this short story my be a little confusing about what I have wrote today, but remember my mine is in recovery, I’ve decided I will start writing again. Has I write more, my writing will get better and and my mind will be heal. 🙏🏼 Releasing how you feel is a new start for healing in your soul. Byeeeee😘


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