I had being praying that God have his way in this ministry always, and forever. Well I must admit, that I didn’t like the way many things went, but I must say, it all came out better than I expected. When God is in control you can expect the best to happen in your life. Seasons come, and they go. I know for a fact I probably have miss one or to good season, only because I didn’t wait on God. The mission is now seven years March 12, 2019. And we all know in the Bible Nbr. seven means completion in the Bible. Wow, wow wow, I give God all the Glory for helping me to stand. I never gave up, when I got kick, and I got kick hard, where it took the breath out of me, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to ever stand up straight again. The best advice I can give anyone, is stand fern on your dreams, don’t listen to people, listen to God. Your destiny is right in front you, just don’t give up.




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