IMG_2142.jpgI’ve been in a lot of pit falls, many I thought would surely destroy my destiny. We were born with a purpose, No one can live your purpose, only you can. If not careful, you can destroy your own destiny. I believe when opportunity comes our way, And God reveals things to us, we must take extreme measures to do what it takes to make things happen at the right time. Things happen seasonal, I believe I’ve miss some seasons, my emotions took the best of me. Maybe I’ve lost one or two lol. Pit falls can work either way. If you’ll in a pit, and waiting for someone to pull you out forget it! Pits falls are made to teach us a lesson. Pits falls can make you strong or make you weaker. My weakest point, which are many.  I’ve noticed everytime I survived a pit situation, people I thought would be with me, got left behind. It’s takes a strong will to survive pit falls, it’s horrible thing to lay there with dirt on your face, waiting for someone to cleaning off. I thank God for my pits situations they made me stronger, and they made me wiser, and most of all, they taught me to only trust in Him.

Get rid of toxic waste. Don’t let people still your peace.



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