B8725C5D-217D-40E0-BDD1-D8040F9A52A1I’ve been in Kenya 14 days tomorrow. This is my season to let go and let God. Truly I know I’ve let go, because I’m at peace. Let’s talk about me for a moment. The ministry will Be six young years in March. I work very hard at trying please God, But some where Along the way I got lost. Trying to make things happen, that wasn’t in God’s plan. Yesterday is gone, but my pain didn’t escape me. Years of letting myself down, TRYING TO PLEASE OTHERS.  I was only digging holes for myself. I assume, I had fail. BUT GOD! Patience causes a lot of pain, when God is telling us to wait, we must be patient. God puts a hold on things, because he’s trying to protect us.  it’s all for a good reason, God makes know mistakes. A hard head, makes a soft… know what I mean. I’m at peace, finally, I really turn it over, and gave it to the lord in prayer. Ministry/missions is not easy. I have never felt the peace of God in my life, like I do now, since the ministry began. In 2012. I give God all the glory. Letting go is peace. Of course it’s not easy to do, but if you keep praying, and praying, the lord surely will set you free.

Don’t give up, just toughen up.






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