IMG_0729 I been home from kenya for some weeks now, and it has been very hurtful for me. Things didn’t go the way I wanted them to. So I started Pointing my finger, and blaming others.  We make plans, and we want everything to go with the plan, but our plans aren’t the same as God’s plan. Many people always say, I love the lord, but they never wait on Him. We fail when we don’t wait on the lord. Life is hard in Kenya, I’ve made many friends, but I only trust one. It’s something about trust. We all lie, and don’t say you don’t. Because we do lie, for what ever reason it maybe. I know for a fact, or let’s say I do know now. When our friends disappoint us, we must be willing to forgive, and not talk about it everyday. I’m not saying, We have to let people back in our lives that hurt us. If a relationship is worth working on and you see a future that can change your life, and theres too, I suggest that you try to work things out with that person, or people. Good folk, are hard to come by these days. Forgiving means. LETTING GO!!!! Letting go means freedom.

God is teaching me,  he’s has control of my life, and not the PEOPLE WHO HURT ME. I want to be better, and I want to forgive easy, I recommend you do the same, you’ll only KILLING YOURSELF.








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