My journey back to kenya indeed was a challenge. You would think by now I would have gotten use to flying, I really don’t like to fly. There many times, I’ve felt has though I wasn’t getting ahead in my work. When there’s a desire in your heart, you can’t ever do enough. Because you love what you do. I’ve been praying a lot, and asking the lord to give me patience. I ask myself have I ever gotten mad at God? I once heard a pastor say, one time or another we all have gotten mad at God. Mmmmm, I often think of this statement. Nooooo, I’ve never gotten mad at God, but I have disappointed him many times. O, and do cry out to him, that’s ok, because I will admit, I’m a very weak. and emotional person. Not in a bad way, just trying to put my life in place with ministry.

We think life isn’t fair, but life is wonderful, if you surrounded yourself, around good people. People that will lift you up, real friends speak life, and they encourage you along the way. Be good to yourself. We want what we want, but we must try to gain it honestly. We’re human, and we do fall short, trying to make things happen. 




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  1. I pray for u and God will open doors

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