imageI’ve been doing mission in Kenya since 2012. I started the ministry in my home, praying and seeking fulfillment. The Lord, is using me in Africa. I came from a broken home, abuse very badly. Never treated…..  I won’t get into that. I rather talk about how God has bless me, and there’s no stopping Him. My six months, the longest I’ve ever stayed in Kenya. I cried a lot and I wanted to fly back home many times. My family in Kenya lost many relatives, they suffer a lot, pain and sorrow. My plans couldn’t be complete as I wanted, to many things was happening, I couldn’t control. The mission had to be put on hold many times.The lord new what was best. Protesters fighting and killing each other, right where all my projects were done.  I sold the land I brought three years ago., and sow that seed right back into families in Kenya. In my heart, I knew I needed to move to another location. I believe all the projects that I did this year the headquarters will be build in that community.  Regina Teacup Foundation never lack one single coin. I love the vision, it’s so beautiful, it’s wonderful to have a family by my side that loves Jesus, A family who believes in order, and believe in talks and getherings to help anyone along the way. I have no regrets. THE LORD IS IN CONTROL. My six months has been the test of times, many low times, and high time too. The lord is teaching me patience. Exciting moments that made me feel so loved when the family came to visit me. They would travel far to meet me.  I miss my family in USA. We long to hug, kiss, and talk about our future in Africa. The lord has been so good to me and my children. I love my work, the vision is for the future generations to come. My family and My family in Kenya we all will meet together one day soon.  My children, and my grandchildren will laugh and play with my families in Kenya. They will teach one another many things about their cultures.




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