imageI have been in Kenya two weeks.  Waiting on The Lord, well let me say this. I have been coming to Kenya four years now, it seems like yesterday. waiting, losing sleep, waiting, sometimes can’t eat. waiting, wondering…….. I have experience in the past when it seems like nothing is moving, it’s a trick of the enemy trying to make you think the lord has forgotten you. Waiting, waiting, and in my silence The Lord is building me up. Regina Teacup Foundation is bigger than me! I ask myself this. what are you doing in Kenya alone, never really having anyone to call a friend? I tell myself you are not doing anything, it is the lord, Our God that does everything. Waiting on the Lord, can make you……… I Pray for peace in my life everyday.  I’m laying on my bed listening two the children play outside. they are always so happy, even if there tummies aren’t full. Something anbout kids,  they will play no matter what situation is. Kenya is my home, away from home. silence…… Have brought me many rewards. I’m a tool the lord uses to repair things that are broken. When  I’m broken, it is only the lord that restores me. Who is man?  Only a man. I look to the hills which cometh my help, all of my help comes from The Lord.

WAIT… it will come. just wait!

Regina Teacup Foundation in Kenya









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