It’s seems the harder, I try to control my feelings, I become worst. I have been praying and praying, O Jesus help me to control my feelings. But I seem to let my feelings take control of me. I want to be more Christ like, always living the life to draw others to closer to God. Lately I been feeling angry, sadness, disappointments, over and over again. It’s not anyone’s fault, I’m feeling this way. I’m feeling sorry for myself, and I’m in the flesh. This is why I can’t overcome something that seems so big. It’s not hard to overcome, if I just let go, and let God be in control.

Life is so strange, one minute up, next minute down. Wow, it can be a rollercoaster for sure. We must not lend on people to to fulfill our needs and goals. We all have problems we are trying to overcome, and one of them is dealing with life. I love to express my feelings. In this mission work, God gave me, I have to let my expression be none. I am honest, I write to release my pain, And let the world know, I am far from being perfect. I mentor a great many people, I also work on myself. When make mistakes, and they are plenty. It pains me to have differences with others. I love being a lovable person, but sometimes it’s not there. We should always stay pray up. So when the enemy comes to make our life so miserable. We will know it is a trick to abort what God is doing in our lives.

I want to better, smarter, and wiser in everything I do. I want the world to know, you don’t have to be perfect, and God still loves you. Jesus is the center of my life. He understands me more than anyone. He knows what area I fail in, He knows what has to be work on, He knows my heart.
God looks at the heart, He know I have the heart to love His people. I WANT TO FEEL THAT GENUINE LOVE TOO.




3 responses to “I DO FEEL ASHAME, WITH MY ACTION!,”

  1. Well done well done feel free when you are in our beautifull country kenya

  2. God is with you. Praying that his Peace guard your heart and mind during those times of aloneness and that his love comforts you and affirms you. Amen

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