I’ve been in kenya 19 days, loving the new apartment, it’s been a lot of work starting all over again, it’s not easy getting things started again, that you had once before. I thank God for all the great things he has done for me. When God says yes, He means yes. I thank God for this Sunday, for all my suffering. It is through my long suffering, where I have been rewarded, and my daughters have been bless. Doors have been open know man can shut. Sleeping under my net, thinking of new ideas for the mission work. I love kenya, and I know my offsprings will be here to share all the the great work I have done for the people, God has put in my path.
I have many lonely nights and days alone. But through it all, God comforts me. LONEINESS can eat at you, in way you never thought existed. I have overcome many challenges alone. In my darkest hours satan tries to creek in my mind to make believe I’m a failure, and I won’t succeed in what God sent me here for.
The’res nothing in the world can stop what God is doing. Not even me. I overcome my LONEINESS with prayer,never forgetting that God loves me, and he knows my every need, and he will supply all of them.
I have been praying to God these last couple of years about some things I want in my life before ever leaving this earth. I will trust in the Lord, with all my might, with all my heart, and with all my soul. He will give me the desires of my heart.
Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

LONEINESS is a place, and a time to grow. To build a relationship with God. Spending time with God, is the most precious love you can feel, you will never feel from any other human being On this earth. So when ever feeling alone, take your LONEINESS and focus on the love of God. In due time LONEINESS will become your best friend, and you will know how to stand alone.



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