Said my prayers, early morning hours, and thought of the goodness of the lord, in spite of my ups and downs. I got myself ready, and when jogging. I love to jog in the morning, I’m going to miss jogging when I go to Kenya, lol, I’m going to jog inside of my apartment. It’s was a little sticky, and hot this morning, but I still enjoy the run. Has I was was jogging I heard someone calling my name, from afar. I look, and it was Jessie, Jessie is a girl, running fast has she could calling, out my name. Running saying, I miss you, I miss you!!! I’m running yelling Jessie, Jessie, I miss you too. It was so loving to see Jessie. We hug, breathing so hard from excitement. I had not seen Jessie for one full year. I always bring Jessie a gift from Kenya. Jessie grandparents are Spanish, and they pray for me on the park almost everyday. Jessie, and angel God put in my life. I see her always just before going to Kenya. She is the perfect medicine for any day. We walk, and of coarse she ask sooooo many questions about Kenya. She wants to come with me one day. I never tell her, the bad things, I went through in Kenya, I always tell her how great Kenya is. She says, WOW WOW THATS SO AWESOME! With those big red cheeks of hers. I love to see Jessie with one ponytail in her hair, because when she walks it swings side to side, it just adds to the enjoy, with that great big smile on her face. She shared many things about the new school she will be attending, and told me she wants to do mission work. Of course I said. WOW, WOW THAT SOOOOO AWESOME!
I LOVE MY LITTLE JESSIE, God knew just what I needed to brighten my day!
I,love Jessie like she’s my child. I am bless that God put Jessie in my life. Genuine love is what Jessie has for everyone.πŸ’ž



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