Live your dream, yes dreams can come true.,living your dream is a lot of work, you will have to disconnect yourself from others, that stand in the way of your dreams. There’s not a person in this where can make your dreams come true. You are the only one can make the right choice about how you want to live your life.
I was always letting people, and my emotion get in the way of my progress. It took me many years to be delivered from people. Most people become very bitter, when they see that life has cheated them in some kind of way. We are always talking about, what we are going to do, and never do anything at all. Either you going to work, or spend your rest of your life pretending you have already made it, which is a lie!

I run into a lot of people that think they are better than me, or just say, better than anyone. I’m never afraid to let others know you can live your dream, if you can withstand the pain, and disappointments that comes along with it. Anytime something doesn’t go right, please don’t giveup. God will fix it, I am telling you, it’s hard living a dream, but at the same time you’ll loving what you are doing. That’s because you have a passion for it. LOV and LIVE your dream.




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