It is always wise to stay prayed up, the mind can play tricks on you. It starts in the mind, then it enters the heart. Satan tries all kind of tactics to fool us. And sometimes we fall for the trap. Be mindful of the tricks of the enemy, it comes to steal, kill, and destroy. It’s a battle trying to stay above water all the time. If there’s a sinking ship around you, you better believe, they want you to sink with them too. It’s always a battle with the spirit man, evil trying to take over the good. I’m not a swimmer,So I have to float on top of the water, it takes a long time to get where I’m going, When there’s noone to lift you up, and no one around to encourage you. It makes the the journey even harder to complete. Surrounded by jealous, and envy, can be a killer spirit, if Jesus is not with you, and in you, you are a sinking ship.

I ask lord this question? when I had nothing, everyone loved me so much, now that I am doing something great, they hate me without a cause. Life is what it is, life. I am going to make it to the top, if I have to crawl to get it done. GOD IS WITH ME. I CHOOSE TO WALK WITH HIM.



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