So tell me, what do you do, when your back is up against the wall? I face many challenges in my life. When I was in the world it was not a challenge. It was survival.
Looking back over my life, when I was in the streets, I didn’t care about anything or anyone. Now that I am saved, I just love trying to make things right for Jesus. Only thing about that is, I don’t care how hard you try to make it right, something always turns out wrong. We are not prefect, and we are going to mistake, and say things we don’t mean. I have come to know this, either you are going to be happy, or you going to be sad.
So tell me, what are going to do? I know for a fact we fail at lot of things, because we all want to be in control one way or the other. CONTROL, let’s see if it fits you. Want to be in charge of everything. So tell me what should I do. When you find your back up against the wall. There’s nothing else to do except pray!




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